Living with Dementia Toolkit

Gwynedd’s Dementia Actif team have recently had the privilege of contributing to a new website which has just been launched for and by people with dementia and carers.

The Living with Dementia Toolkit website, produced by the University of Exeter and Innovations in Dementia, is full of ideas, tips and films to give people hope to live with dementia.

Dementia Actif Gwynedd are featured in the ‘Stay Active’ section with co-ordinator Emma Quaeck presenting an introduction and participating with team members Clare Harris & Lia Roberts in a film which talks about the work they do. 

There are five themes which contribute to living a good life with dementia according to research findings and what people affected by dementia say, which are:

  • Stay safe and well; 
  • Stay connected;
  • Keep a sense of purpose;
  • Stay actif;
  • Stay positive.

Emma Quaeck, Manager of Dementia Actif Gwynedd, said: “It has been an honour to share the work that we do here in Gwynedd as part of a valuable toolkit to support people to live a good life with a diagnosis of dementia. 

“We created a short film of the three of us have a post exercise class meeting to discuss what we do and were able contribute in Welsh, the film has subtitles.”

“We really hope that this contribution can help people affected by dementia think positively about the benefits of staying active.” 

For more information, visit the Living with Dementia Toolkit website:

Living With Dementia Toolkit

Living With Dementia Toolkit - Dementia Actif Gwynedd