Physical activity classes based in the community for people living with dementia, family, friends and carers. The purpose of the classes is to give people the opportunity to be active, have fun and be a part of a community group where everyone understands and supports each other.

Although the classes are for people affected by Dementia they are also accessible for all older adults to help reduce the risk of dementia. All classes are supervised by qualified, knowledgeable and empathetic instructors who ensure person-centred and flexible classes. The classes involve exercises to improve strength, balance and co-ordination to help with everyday activities. Sports such as Table Tennis and Boccia are popular, as is music, singing and dancing. All activities can help towards reducing anxiety and depression, and can increase participants’ confidence, wellbeing and quality of life. Each class finishes with the opportunity for a cup of tea/coffee and a chat- here people can share experiences and support each other to overcome challenges.