Looking forward to going saved my life!

I can dance again!

I have been very impressed and hugely grateful for the positive and individual attention we have received. The class is somewhere we can both go to take part in activities together, where we are not judged and the challenges I face as a carer are understood. And for these reasons it’s been a lifeline to me as a carer.

I feel fitter and stronger and I am trying to do the best I can to live well with my Parkinsons and Dementia - this really is all down to being able to come to the DementiaGo classes. This class is amazing, people understand what I’m going through, the instructors are empathetic and supportive and I feel that I can totally be myself

DementiaGo is about having somewhere to go that is stress free and friendly, with people who are encouraging and help me to continue with some exercising. This encourages me to continue with my life as it is now…and not to give up despite everything that is thrown at me!

In the class, we really enjoy having the opportunity to do something together and the versatility and flexibility of all the activities we do keeps in interesting.

I know that my wife says that I have become more interactive and talkative since I’ve started coming to the classes. If I didn’t attend I’d just sit and watch TV and that wouldn’t do me any good.